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Vip Cruise makes your dreams come true in Lake Saimaa, Helsinki Tammisaari in Finland. We offer individual cruise experiences for you and your party, as well as sightseen cruises and route cruises. We have the largest steamship fleet in Europe and a luxury yachts at our disposal.


Measuring 4,400 square km in area and with over 13,000 islands, Saimaa is Finland’s largest lake and
the fourth largest in Europe. A few years ago the Wall Street Journal listed it among the five most beautiful lakes in the world. Forbes listed Lake Saimaa to-must-visit during summer 2024. Saimaa is a labyrinthine lake system whose waters flow slowly from north to south and finally through its outflow channel, the Vuoksi, southeast over the Russian border into Ladoga, Europe’s largest lake.

The Saimaa drainage region covers most of the southern part of eastern Finland, a region about the size of Belgium, extending almost to Lake Oulujärvi in the north and just over the Russian border in the east. There is more shoreline here per unit of area than anywhere else in the world, the total length of nearly 15,000 km


Explore the untamed allure of the Gulf of Finland National Park, a sanctuary of wilderness and avian wonder. Venture across a tapestry of hundreds of islands and islets, where rugged landscapes meet serene green groves. Amidst pine-dotted cliffs and rugged shores adorned with reindeer lichen and juniper, discover hidden pockets of tranquility. Escape the bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the symphony of nature, lulled by the gentle cadence of lapping waves. Welcome to your private sanctuary of peace and natural beauty.

Arctic lake wilderness

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