Steamship cruise & 3 nights in Villa + activities, all inclusive

Cruise by steam ship (2,5h) to a beautiful island Marjosaari in Pihjalavesi, where hot sauna and personal chef/host awaits you. The island is private where opens beautiful sights to calm and pure nature. Sauna is heated by fire wood so it’s the best traditional and with soft steams.

Host welcomes your party welcomed to the island and shows the Villa and the surroundings. When you have settled down, dinner is served by personal chef with fine selected wines. After sauna, swimming in the lake and dinner you’ll get to relax in the villa and white sheets. Villa has glass walls so you can admire the view and sunset cosy from inside.

In the morning chef/host prepares you delicious breakfast. After that guide will take you to the lake by a small boat to do fishing. You can fish from the boat ar from shore in the islands close by. Guide will show how catch and prepare fish. You might catch, northern pike, perch, pike-perch, whitefish, even salmon. During the day you’ll enjoy lunch in the nature or at the villa. After excursions sauna. Then chef will prepare tasty dinner, maybe from your own catch. In the evening you can enjoy campfire with snacks and maybe marshmallows. Or just enjoy the silence.

On next day, after breakfast guide takes you to the lake with canoes or cayaks. Lunch also in the nature or at the villa. After the paddling sauna tastes really good. Chef prepares three courses dinner with fine wines. In the evening you can walk around the island and climb up in the big rock to see sunset. Evening snacks will be prepared during that.

In third morning after breakfast and morning swim cruise back to Savonlinna harbour. Lunch is served during the cruise. (1,5h)


Price accommodation 6 390 € / villa 3 nights, max 6 persons
Price all services 2 350 € / person

Includes VAT., cruises, sauna, saunadrinks, 3 night stay, linen, bathrobes, towels, slippers, breakfasts, lunch, 3 courses dinners with wines, evening snaks, drinks, host/chef services, guided excursions, egipment rentals

Min 2 persons, max 6 persons


Villa information

Main building 100sm, 2 side shacks 10sm
Built 2015

Bedrooms for 2, one in the main building and 2 in the separate shacks outside. Toilet is eco compost outside between the buildings. Sauna is for 10 persons where is a shower and also traditional hot water boiler. You will entry the sauna from outside. At the terrace there are several other places to cool down after sauna and two separate table sets. Stairs goes down from the main building to the shore and swimming deck. Other shore is for boats with small sandy beach. Check in and check out times approximately at 5 pm. ja 11 am.